Sitting in the care home with my Mum, I watched as the carers would try to entertain the group of residents, wondering if maybe I could do something to make their time there more entertaining. After Mum passed away, I often thought of music they enjoyed.

Soon after, in 2016, I was asked by one of the Just Movement team to come along to one of the chair classes to be helper. Not knowing what to expect, I went along. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was totally blown away by the whole ideal of bringing so much joy, happiness and well being to these ladies. I have never looked back since. I handed my notice in at work and decided to be a helper whenever asked. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and take the instructor’s exam and became a fully-fledged Just Movement Instructor. It’s been a world wind ever since, with my confidence growing, covering classes for other team members to recently taking over large classes and even starting one from scratch and building up the numbers.

I was delighted to be asked to be one of the directors and have given the role of admin support and class scheduling.

I just love the idea of our classes, what they achieve and the pleasure it brings to many. The feelgood factor during and after every class stays with me. The rest of the team are all very like-minded and the support we give each other is amazing.

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