I’ve always exercised as, for me, it’s an important part of keeping fit and healthy but as the years rolled on I began to think about how I could keep exercising when my body was no longer as strong as it once was. Do I just give up? Then I was invited to a Zumba chair class . Boom! Problem solved, this was definitely the way to go, the music and routines were great and so much fun that I didn’t realise that I was exercising when in actual fact all the moves are designed to help strengthen our bodies and help with mobility etc. Also there’s a great social aspect to it too as, after the session, we all had a cup of tea and sat for a while chatting. All so good for our well-being. Needless to say that I now teach chair Zumba and I love every minute. I’m so happy that as I age I can still keep fit and healthy and help others do the same .

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