Twenty seven years ago I was a mum on maternity leave with a baby, a toddler and doing the school run.  One of the mum’s at school told me about a post natal exercise group, I had always done a physical job which I thought kept me fit so I went along to meet other people rather than fitness.  I found I really enjoyed exercising to music as well as meeting other mums so when it came to leaving the group as I was going back to work I felt that I wanted to maintain my new level of fitness. I did aqua fit, line dancing, aerobics, step, running and even joined a gym for a short time.  I found exercising to music to be my thing, it kept me motivated and energised.
In 2010 zumba arrived in the Holme Valley, I found it scary to begin with as there was no teaching involved, just keep moving with no right or wrong moves but the upbeat music and mixture of genres encourages movement and energy.  I have been hooked ever since.  I feel zumba makes me feel good mentally and physically,  My fitness. stamina and co-ordination have improved.
I have now retired and was curious to find out how zumba can be done chair based, I found it contains all the elements of exercise that I enjoy – fun, good music, strength, flexibility and coordination exercises and it is mentally uplifting.  Plus there is the social side of chair based zumba, at the end of each class there is a cup of tea (coffee or water available),biscuits and chat with a great group of participants. I feel like I have come full circle finding an exercise group with a social element.

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